Boggarts are creatures of the dark that come in all shapes and sizes and house a multitude of personalities. Boggarts can chose to show themselves to anyone but often stay invisible.

There are six known types of boggarts categorised by the Spooks.

Classes of Boggart

Exceptions for Boggarts

Boggarts can be reasoned with, such as the case of John Gregory’s ‘Pet Boggart’ (Hairy Boggart) that cooks his meals and defends his garden.

Boggarts that cannot be reasoned with or are deemed dangerous to humans are bound in a pit coated in a mixture of salt and iron (salt burn a boggart while iron bleeds away its strength) mixed together with a glue found on bones. The pit is coated on all four walls, floor and ceiling with a custom made stone lid to seal them off (boggarts can escape from a hole the size of a needle head).

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