This is the most basic of the types of magic practised by witches. They may progress to the higher levels of bone magic or familiar magic, but all start at this stage and continue to use it from time to time throughout their lives.Blood also often featured in rituals, especially at the time of the four main witches` sabbaths(February, April, August and October)


  • Drinking blood can give the witch with increased strength, agility, and longevity.
  • Used to summon spirits to destroy enemies.
  • Children blood needed most often, but adult blood can be used as a substitute.
  • Water witches use blood as sustenance instead of power like ordinary "land/earth" witches.
  • Mouldheels can use blood to increase their scrying abilities.
  • Can be used as combination with other witch magic.


  • Blood must be used the day before a full moon.
  • Weakest form of witch magic.

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