Beth Mouldheel was a character featured in the Spook's Battle.


Born into the infamous Mouldheel clan, Beth Mouldheel was destined to be a witch.

Her elder sister was Mab Mouldheel; a notorious figure and the leader in the Mouldheel clan.

As with all members of the Mouldheel clan, members wear no shoes.


Birth and destiny

As a child, Beth Mouldheel was born into the Mouldheel clan. It is more than likely that Beth was born in the village of Bareleigh - which was the main location of the Mouldheel clan.

As the sister of the Mouldheel's leader, Mab Mouldheel, she would have been granted power that other members would not have been given otherwise.

Meeting Tom Ward

Around the time of Halloween, the Pendle Witch clans decided to come together. Their target was to bring the Fiend into the world. As preparations grew, John Gregory and his apprentice, Tom Ward visited the area, following allegations of the sacred festival.

Beth Mouldheel accompanied her sister to confront Tom Ward and his friend, Alice.

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