Benign Witches were one of four types of witches.


Benign Witches are "wise women, who have a great knowledge of herbs and potions. Some are midwives, others healers, and have saved countless lives. They serve the light, and any monetary gain is small. If their clients are poor, they will usually work for nothing."

Notable Persons

  • Maddy Hermside (of Kirkham)
  • Jenny Bentham (of Oakenclough)
  • Eliza Brinscall (of Sabden)
  • Angela Nateby (of Belmont)
  • Emma Hoole (of Rochdale)
  • Madge Claughton (of Samlesbury)
  • Agnes Sowerbutts (of Pendle) - status is not certain.

Relationships with Spooks

These women can be relied upon to help Spooks and their apprentices with their healing capabilities and local knowledge.

Charges of witchcraft may can be brought against Benign Witches from time to time.

In his Bestiary, John Gregory says that "we should be prepared to defend them and educate their neighbours when necessary."

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