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The Battle of the Wardstone is a battle that occurred in The Spook's Revenge.

Before the battle

The Spook, Grimalkin and Tom prepared the location, weapons and they recruited between 150 and 200 soldiers to fight including Judd Atkins, his dogs Claw, Blood and Bone and Tom`s brother James.

Meanwhile, the Fiend's servants numbering over 1,000 were gathered at the Wardstone.

The Battle

Tom looked at all the fighters when his eyes meet the Spook he looked at him and gave him a slight nod. As the battle progressed om saw the Spook and Grimalkin fighting back to back and noted that this was the last time he ever saw him. Tom went to attack the Fiend and struck him through the heart sticking the Destiny Blade into him on the Wardstone.


After killing the Fiend, the Wardstone transported Tom to North Wales where he met Alice. She was annoyed that Tom had destroyed The Fiend but told him that Lukrasta wanted to see him. Tom went and met Lukratsa and attacked him. Tom won the fight and but was about to kill him when Alice screamed for Tom to leave him alone. Tom said that if Alice ever set foot in Chipenden he would bind in a pit for the rest of her days. Alice transports him back to Chipenden and Tom decides to leave the spook`s body till morning but when he returns home he finds Grimalkin has already collected his body and they bury the next day.



The Spook / John Gregory

Claw (Judd Brinscall's and formerly Bill Arkwright's dog)


Jennet Mouldheel (Fought for Tom Ward)


The Fiend (Did not fight but was slain at the end)

All Romanian witches

All Celtic Witches

More than half of all Essex witches