The Battle of the Ordeen's Citadel was a battle between two sides, which were led by either the Ordeen, or Zenobia (Lamia). It was a victory for the Zenobia's side, but there were many losses. There were two Spooks involved including Bill Arkwright and John Gregory, and an apprentice Spook, Tom Ward.

Before the battle

Tom Ward, Seilenos, John Gregory, Bill Arkwright, Mab Mouldheel, Alice Deane, Grimalkin, and Lamia planned to kill Lamia's old enemy, the Ordeen.

The Battle

The battle is long, and involves the group fighting through the Ord's defenses. Tom Ward and Lamia can go through barriers because Tom have the Ordeen his blood. At one point, Tom Ward sells his soul to the Fiend in exchange for three things: delaying the awakening of the Ordeen by one hour, the location of the Ordeen, and saving his life, Alice's, and the Spook's.


As Tom Ward has sold his soul to the Fiend, he and Alice must stay together with the Blood Jar Alice created, or else the Fiend will teleport to them and slay them.



Bill Arkwright




The Ordeen

Nearly all witches (fought for Tom Ward)