Barghests are a species of Elemental Spirits.


Barghests are earth spirits that take on the form of a huge black dog (see image to the right).

They have fiery eyes and enormous fangs, like that of a wolf.

Binding and strength

These creatures are usually bound to a location, and they get their power and strength from the fear of humans.

They have a lot in common with ghasts and boggarts, being controlled by witches to guard homes, or locations for witch covens to gather.

Powers and abilities

Barghests are a great danger to ordinary folk, projecting waves of fear that can either drive a victim insane, or stop someone's heart. Either way, these spirits are extremely dangerous.


Similar to witches and wights, barghests have the exact same weaknesses. A Spook can deal with this spirit using the popular combination of salt and iron.

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