Agnes Sowerbutts


Joseph Delaney

First Appearance

The Spook's Battle

Last Appearance

The Spook's Stories: Witches



Eye colour

Dark Brown





Agnes Sowerbutts is a powerful witch. She is exceptionally talented in healing and scrying.


Agnes is an old women and she is called to help by Grimalkin and Alice several times. The first time is when Alice goes with Tom and the Spook to pendle, she asked her to scry for her. She then was asked to help in the Spooks: I am Grimalkin. She helped Grimalkin and her apprentice named Thorne and healed Grimalkin from a deadly poison given to her by a kretch. Later she was killed by the witches chasing Grimalkin. She then turns into a dead witch; however she is very weak eventhough she was powerful in her lifetime, thus she cannot escape the fire and dies.


Agnes is a very kind person, especially towards her friends. She has been known to help many people and did not blame grimalkin for her being tortured and dying. She is also very isolated as she does not like other witches.


Alice Deane

She is very close to alice as she taught her healing and also helped her several times afterwards.

Powers and skills

  • Healing Magic: She is very talented being able to heal complicated poisons and was able to teach another witch.
  • Scrying: She is a very capale scryer as she is able to scry many things with mirrors but she can also using water surfaces and this shocked Tom a spook`s apprentice.
  • Divination: She is very capable as she is able to prophecies the future of grimalkin several times


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