13 Watery Lane is a house in Horshaw.


John Gregory and the rest of his family grew up in 13 Watery Lane, Horshaw. The house was haunted by the ghasts of a miner and his wife. The miner had lung cancer, so he could not work any more. His wife worked in a bakery and was very pretty. When the woman came home one night very late, he threw into a rage, believing she had been with another man. He killed her by hitting her over the head with a piece of coal and then buried her in the cellar. Feeling regret at his actions, later that night he killed himself.

John Gregory, being the seventh son of a seventh son, had to endure the cries of the ghasts every night and the sounds of the miner walking around the house. When he told his father of the cries, his father didn’t believe him and beat him for lying. After deciding to become a spook, John Gregory took all of his apprentices to this house so that he could see what they were made of. Many fled the house, but some, such as Tom Ward, stayed on. At midnight, he required his apprentices to face what was in the cellar, which turned out to be John hiding in a corner.